Welcome to the Accountability Framework (AF) survey portal.
Since June 2014, the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) has provided the Accountability Framework tool as a means by which community governments can self-assess their core operational requirements and then allow MACA to determine how best to assist each community.

The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs is now engaged in the implementation of the 2017-2018 Accountability Framework (AF). As recommended by the Office of the Auditor General, MACA has conducted a significant review of elements of the AF. MACA will now work with communities to jointly identify and to continually improve community services and support systems.

One of the changes was to provide separate surveys for community governments with primary community responsibilities established under legislation (i.e. Hamlets) and community governments with community responsibilities established through contribution agreements with MACA (i.e. Designated Authorities). The survey tool also includes links to an updated Accountability Framework Handbook that provides additional context for the questions asked and additional clarity on how communities will be rated. At the completion of the data collection, MACA will review responses and a validation process will be completed. MACA will follow up with communities to identify specific areas where some discussion may be required.

Please use your access code provided by the regional office to begin the self-directed survey. Completed surveys should be reviewed by Council and a motion or resolution provided to support the final submission using this online system. There are comment buttons on each indicator page, which allow community governments to explain their response to questions, provide context and/ or to elaborate on the communities’ specific situation. It also allows for the community's to leave comments or questions related to each specific indicator.

MACA regional staff are available to provide support to community governments as they complete the survey. Please contact your Assistant Regional Superintendent if you require assistance with the AF. MACA encourages communities to take full advantage of the AF tool to focus on core areas of operations that support the success of your community. We can all use this tool as an opportunity to better serve our communities.

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